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January 12, 2013

Today we celebrate:
National Marzipan Day – Marzipan is used by pastry chefs to decorate cakes.

Feast Of Fabulous Wild Men Day – I can't find a source for this holiday so I think that you can do with it whatever strikes you fancy. Let your imagination run wild as long as you stay within the confines of the law.

National Pharmacist Day – Where would we be without Pharmacists? I have one in the family and he is absolutely indespensible. You can ask them anything about medications and if they don't know the answer off the top of their heads, they have the answer at their fingertips.

Stick To Your New Year's Resolution Day – Be determined! Be resolute! You will stick to your resolutions whatever they are! You are strong! Ignore temptations to be lazy and cave to the easy road.! You can do it!

You have an easy celebration day today. Make a cake with marzipan decorations, have some wild fun with your hubby if you have one, if you don't and you want one, I'll leave it to your imagination on how to handle this day, Call your pharmacist with any questions you dream up regarding your medications and stay firm to your New Year's resolutions, whatever they may be.

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