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January 21, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Martin Luther King Day – The anniversary of the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. That great man who was so important to the Civil Rights Movement and had a profound impact on all people, not just the African-Americans.

National Granola Bar Day – Granola bars were developed in the 1970's when an inventor, possibly Stanley Mason, figured out that by compressing granola with something sticky, like honey, and baking it so it stays together, he can create a portable breakfast.

National Hugging Day – Not everyone is a hugger, so make sure you ask first if you are wanting to hug someone you don't hug on a regular basis. There are different kinds of hugs: the Bear Hug, The Side to Side Hug, the Cheek Hug, the Back to Front Hug and the Heart Centered Hug. Pick the hug that suits the situation and the person and have at it.

Squirrel Appreciation Day – today is a day to appreciate those creatures that many of us consider to be pests. Instead of shooing them off your bird feeders, throw a few nuts out for them. Hey! I said out FOR them, not AT them! Come on, if you look at them the right way, they are kind of cute. Yes they are! If you don't see it, try squinting. The black ones are the cutest, you don't see those too often.

National New England Clam Chowder Day – what a great lunch that would be. Isn't it great when I solve your dilemma about what to eat for lunch today!

Inauguration Day – as mentioned yesterday, since Inauguration Day was on a Sunday this year, the public celebrations and events are happening today.

AFRMA Fancy Rat and Mouse Day – AFRMA stands for the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association and their goal today is to convince you that Fancy Rats and Mice (which are apparently different from regular old rats and mice) would make great pets. My children better not listen.

To celebrate today's events, start out by hugging your family members, eat a granola bar for breakfast and watch the squirrels from the window. Then, spend some time reading about Martin Luther King Jr. and watching the Inauguration (which you set up to record yesterday so you can watch it at your leisure today.), have some New England Clam Chowder for lunch and go to the pet store for a new rat or mouse for your children.


  1. Squirrels are NEVER cute.... rats with furry tails - most of them should DIE. Some can live, so they can plant the necessary trees. We were talking about this last night, a guy was trapping them and letting them go. TRAP them I screamed - that's why they make .22's. He wasn't impressed and called me a killer :)Too bad squirrels taste so nasty - yes, I've eaten squirrel, and no I dont' want to do it again. BLECK

    1. Now Trina, they don't taste nasty when Chris cooks them. You should ask him for his recipe the next time you're tempted to eat them. :) As for the cuteness factor, maybe you weren't squinting enough. ;)