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January 25, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Irish Coffee Day – whiskey, coffee, sugar and cream are the necessities of life if you wish to make the perfect cup of Irish coffee.

Opposite Day – Another day that I can't seem to find agreement on. Some think it's celebrated on January 7th, others say it is on January 24th, and still others name today. I think they are just being contrary. But if you choose to celebrate it today, say exactly what you don't mean and don't do exactly what you mean to do.

Fun At Work Day – There is more controversy for this fun filled event. Some say it's today, others say it's on Jan. 28th, or 29th, or April 1st. The April 1st idea is probably an April Fool's attempt to get out of working. But today you have a legitimate reason to get out of working at work so have some fun today.

Macintosh Computer Day – As far as I can determine, today in 1984, the Macintosh computer was all you geeky Mac users rejoice today.

National Pre-school Fitness Day – Always on the last Friday of January, you can't start fitness practices early enough. Get those little arms lifting those weights, take them jogging with you, train them to swim a couple of miles. They're little but strong, they can do it! Right after their afternoon snooze.

Tu B'shuvat – This evening is the beginning of this special day on the Jewish Calendar. It's the start of a New Year For Trees. It falls on a different day every year but is always around this time of year. It ends at sunset tomorrow.

To celebrate today, start out by giving your preschooler a good, long, hard workout, then pick them up at day care and put in a long, hard day's work on your computer making sure you do not joke around and play games. After work you can not go home, dump some Irish Coffee down the sink and go on out and cut down a tree.

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