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January 28, 2013

Today we celebrate:
National Blueberry Pancake Day – One of my favorite things to have for breakfast.
National Kazoo Day – Celebrating 163 years of kazooing. Kazooists are nothing if not flexible so they say you can celebrate today or any other day that's convenient.
Data Privacy Day – An international holiday that raises awareness of data privacy issues and promotes data privacy education.
Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day – This is always on the last Monday in January. If you are a bubble wrap aficionado, you already knew this was coming and you stocked up. If not, let me tell you, go to the store, find some bubble wrap and let the festivities begin. You know how you always joked about wrapping the kids in bubble wrap. Well, today you can do it along with everything else you can think of.
Thank A Plugin Developer Day – This is a relatively new day declared by Matt Mullenweg when the WordPress repository passed it's 4,000th plugin. It is now an official WordPress holiday because where would WordPress be without the hard work of it's plugin developers.
Clash Day – Now THIS is my kind of day. I can clash my clothes without even trying. Today I don't have to ask my husband or children if I look good enough to be seen with them. Today, we can all wear our favorite pieces of clothing and not have to worry whether the tops go with the bottoms or the scarf is the right color.
For today's celebrations start the day with a clashing outfit, some blueberry pancakes for breakfast, and check your computer for data privacy issues. Then run out to the store for some bubble wrap, see if you can find a plugin developer so you can thank them, then run home and get busy bubble wrapping anything you want to bubble wrap. The remainder can be put on the floor for you to dance on while you play your favorite songs on the kazoo.

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