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November 1, 2013

Today we celebrate:

World Vegan Day – Created in 1994 by Louise Wallis, the President and Chair of The Vegan Society in the United Kingdom, for the purpose of commemorating the Society's anniversary.

National Eat Your Kid's Halloween Candy After They Go To Bed Day – Halloween is a fun time for kids and they get tons of candy that they will want to eat that same night. However, that would not be healthy for them. Besides, parents need a little reward after dragging their kids all around the neighborhood. So after the kids go to bed, there is no reason in the world why you shouldn't help yourself to some of their candy. You can justify it if you need to by only eating the candy that the kids don't like anyway. I don't feel the need to do that. I figure, the more I eat, the fewer cavities they will have later. They'll thank you for it some day. Maybe. But I wouldn't tell them about this day until they have kids of their own.

All Saints' Day – This is a predominantly Catholic day that honors all saints, whether they are known or not. Other churches celebrate this day differently. The Methodist Church, for example, believes the word “saints” refers to all Christians so they honor and remember all of the living or deceased members of their local congregations.

Give Up Your Shoulds Day – Celebrated for the 6th year, this is a day to give up the “shoulds” that cause so much stress and guilt in your life. For example: I should lose weight; I should clean the garage; I should make more money; I should go visit my parents more often. Pick at least one “should” to give up today and ease the stress in your life.

National Authors' Day –
This is a day to celebrate your favorite authors. Writing books is not easy, if it were everyone would do it and no one would be willing to buy books that we could just write ourselves. So honor those who can do what you cannot but whose efforts you enjoy so much. Who is your favorite author?

National Family Literacy Day –
This is a day to focus on participating in things with your family that focus on literacy. Set a good example for your kids and find a literacy event today. Check with your school and local library to find a read-a-thon, book signing, book sale or simply give everyone in your family a book and sit down and read together.

National Go Cook For Your Pets Day –
This is a day to show our pets how much we love them by cooking them a nutritious meal today. Check this website for tips and foods to avoid: 

National Medical Science Liaison Awareness & Appreciation Day
– Celebrated on the first Friday in November, this is a day that was created for the purpose of educating the public about just what a medical science liaison is and what they do for the phamaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. I, for one, need a day like this because I have no idea what they do. I look forward to finding out.

Prime Meridian Day
– Everyone knows that the Prime Meridian is the line of longitude that is 0 degrees. It cuts through Europe and Africa and was first devised by the Greeks way back around 200 B.C. give or take a few years. We celebrate this event because on this day in 1884, delegates from 25 World Nations met in Washington D.C. and established the time zones for the world with every 15 degrees of longitude equaling one hour. That must have been some feat getting everyone to agree to what time it was going to be where. I wonder how long it took.

To celebrate today, check the time and plan your day, hour by hour. Make sure you give up at least one of the “shoulds” weighing down your shoulders. If you saw this early enough, you should have already eaten your kid's Halloween candy after they went to bed, after all, this day started at midnight! Start out your day by going to Church to pray for whomever your Church says to pray for. Look up on the computer what medical science liaisons do, then go to your library to get a book by your favorite author and read it to your family. Make sure you remember to cook for your pets at dinner tonight. I would bet a lot that they will be a whole lot more appreciative than your children will.

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