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October 14, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Columbus Day or National Day of Mourning – Celebrated on the second Monday in October, this is a day to remember Christopher Columbus' arrival in the Americas in 1492. The Native Americans see this as a Day of Mourning because that arrival was the beginning of the end of their way of life and of millions of their people.

National Kick Butt Day – I was all excited about this day until I discovered that I don't get to kick someone else's butt, only my own. We are to kick ourselves in the butt in order to encourage ourselves to take action on the things we have been meaning to do, but haven't done yet. This can be anything from keeping promises to completing our to do lists. Skip all the excuses and just get your butt in gear and get it done. This day is always celebrated on the second Monday in October.

Native American Day – This is a state holiday in South Dakota since 1989 which honors Native American cultures and heritage. Many other states have a day just like this at different times of the year. This particular one is celebrated on the second Monday in October.

National Dessert Day – This is a good day that I think everyone will enjoy. We celebrate it by having some kind of dessert today. Which dessert you have is totally up to you.

National Chocolate Covered Insects Day – OK, I'll just say this right out front. I will not be celebrating this one because I an disgusted just thinking about it. If you are a brave soul, go ahead and cover some insects with chocolate and chow down....without me.

To celebrate today, kick your butt into gear and get your goals accomplished. Then celebrate your success with a dessert of chocolate covered insects. Before your kids go to bed tonight, tell them all about Christopher Columbus and Native Americans.

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