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October 12, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Columbus Day – This is the Anniversary of Christopher Columbus' arrival at the Americas in 1492. This had a upside, which of course is our eventually being able to live in this wonderful country. However, the downside is pretty huge because it also led to the death of an entire civilization of people who already lived in the Americas. This is the official Columbus Day, but the actual celebration is on the second Monday in October.

Free Thought Day – This day is observed by freethinkers as the anniversary of the “effective” end of the Salem Witch Trials. This was basically when rational thought finally began to overcome the hysteria of the times and the people in power began to demand more concrete evidence before condemning an accused person.

International Moment of Frustration Scream Day –
This is a day to just let your frustrations out in a cleansing scream today. We will all feel better afterward, believe me.

National Family Bowling Day (or Kids Bowl Free Day) –
This is is a fun day that you can spend bowling with your family. Some bowling alleys may even have free bowling for kids today as an extra incentive. It's an affordable activity that you can do as a family and most kids really enjoy it.

Universal Music Day – Celebrated annually for seven years, this is a day to teach people about how important music is for your life. It can inspire and encourage you when you need it and it can ignite your emotions and make you cry or laugh. It can ignite your patriotic spirit or ease your grief over a loved one's passing. Music has power that we don't often think about. See how you feel about it today.

Old Farmers Day – This day honors the hard work of past and present farmers in America. Farmers are the backbone of this country. Without them, our cities could not exist because everyone would need to spread out and own enough land to farm enough to feed their own families.

National Gumbo Day – I'm not sure where this dish was first created, but it's a pretty sure thing that the folks down in Louisiana have perfected it. This dish has a variety of ingredients including okra, some kind of meat and shellfish.

To celebrate today, make up a song about Columbus and teach it to your children while you are bowling. Next, find a local farmer and share some gumbo with him/her while you discuss the end of the hysteria during the Salem Witch Trials. Finish up the day with a cleansing scream to relieve your frustrations.

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