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October 13, 2013

Due to a very busy weekend ahead of me, I'm posting Sunday's Celebration Days a little early.  If you are still looking for Saturday just scroll down a little bit.  It's there, I promise.

Today, Sunday, October 13th, we celebrate:

International African Penguin Awareness Day – This day is all about raising awareness around the world about the plight of the African Penguin, an animal which is sadly on the endangered species list.

Navy Birthday – This year marks the 238th birthday of the U.S. Navy. Happy Birthday all you sailors out there!

International Skeptics Day – This is a day to be skeptical and untrusting of anything or anyone. Ask questions and don't believe anything unless you have irrefutable proof.

Fall Astronomy Day – Back in April, we had Spring Astronomy Day. This is the Fall version of the same thing. It occurs as closely as possible to the first quarter Moon in the Fall and it is intended to facilitate interaction and education between astronomy professionals and enthusiasts and the general public, such as myself.

To celebrate today, ask the Navy to take you to Africa so you can check on how the penguins are doing. After all, what proof do you have that they are endangered? Tonight, look at the moon through a telescope and make sure there really isn't a man on it making cheese.

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