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October 5, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Apple Betty Day – This was something we would have for dessert all the time when I was a kid. I think I need to make it more often for my kids. There's a good recipe here:

Inter-American Water Day – Celebrated on the First Saturday of October, this is a day to raise awareness of how important water is for life. It was created in 1992 by the Pan American Health Organization, the Inter-American Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering and the Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association.

World Card Making Day – This day is also celebrated on the First Saturday in October. It began in 2006 as a national day but went worldwide shortly after. It is a day for anyone involved in card making, whether you make them at home or you are part of the card making industry, to celebrate the creativity involved.

World Teachers Day – There are Teacher's Days that are localized and celebrated in different countries at different times (mostly because they are honoring the birth of someone specific to their area), but this is the only World wide Teacher's Day. I know it's Saturday today, but if you know any teachers personally, give them a call today.

Do Something Nice Day – This is a day to be nice to someone without being asked to. This does not count as me asking you to. You need to do it because you want to. Sometimes called a random act of kindness or paying it forward. Call it what you want, just do it today.

To celebrate today, make a card for a teacher you know and get it to them today. Then be nice and give a glass of water and some apple betty to someone you meet on the street.

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