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May 11, 2017

Today we celebrate:

Make-A-Book Day - Celebrated on the Thursday of National Family Reading Week, this is a day to make your very own book. Get together with the children in your family or neighborhood and help them to make their very own books. Get creative, let them write the words or cut them out of magazines if they want, they can draw their own pictures and you can bind it together with glue or yarn or ribbon or anything else that comes to mind. My kids always loved doing this kind of thing in school. If they are very talented, they can even make a pop-up book.

Hostess Cupcake Day - Hostess Cupcakes are delicious. Let me just say that right now. They are ridiculously bad for you, but isn’t everything that is delicious? I say that as long as you don’t eat them every day, once in awhile can’t be too bad. If you are eating them every day, you might want to re-evaluate your lifestyle. Otherwise, enjoy one today.

Eat What You Want Day – This is a day to pick something you REALLY love to eat, and then go ahead and eat it today. I think the creators of this day intend for you to eat whatever you want all day long but you should be very cautious about doing that if you have diabetes, food allergies or other health issues that revolve around food in some way. My suggestion would be to pick one thing, eat it slowly and really enjoy it.

Twilight Zone Day – The Twilight Zone, for those of you too young to have seen it, was a television series that began in 1959, in black and white. You can probably find reruns of them on air on one of your many channels today if you look. They were twisted, suspenseful, and a little bit scary, for their time, because of all the “what if” questions they acted out for your imagination to run with.  

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