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May 14, 2017

Today we celebrate:

National Veal Ban Action Day - Celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May, this day was difficult to research. I couldn’t find much about it at all but it seems pretty clear that it is a day to avoid eating veal. Veal, is of course, meat from young cows, or calves, and I don’t care for eating it myself for various reasons. But this appears to be a day for more than just avoiding this particular type of meat. I think it is more of a call to action to actively encourage everyone to avoid buying and eating veal in the effort to get industry to stop killing calves for meat. That’s not going to happen until there is no demand for the veal.

Dance Like A Chicken Day – You all know the Chicken Dance, I'm sure. Well, loosen up your elbows because today you'll be dancing like a chicken all day long. Then you’ll get the song stuck in your head so you’ll be dancing like a chicken in your dreams all night long as well.

National Buttermilk Biscuit Day – Yum, these are my favorite biscuits. Flaky, buttery, deliciousness would be a great addition to dinner this evening.

The Stars And Stripes Forever Day – On this day in 1897, John Philip Sousa first performed “The Stars and Stripes Forever” which he had written on Christmas Day a few months before. Later that year the United States Congress made the song the official National March of the USA. This is a day to revel in a spirit of nationality. Let our stars and stripes fly forever.

Underground America Day – Created in 1974 by Malcolm Wells, this is a day to think about the ground. It may surprise you to know that many people live within it instead of on it like the rest of us and it is definitely something to consider if you find yourself thinking that you would really like to have more grass to mow and more room to plant a vegetable garden surrounded by flowers. Mr. Wells has some creative celebration ideas you may like to consider at this website.

National Windmill Day – The United States gets in on the spirit of windmill love. In the very old days, before electricity, windmills were one of the few ways that energy could be gathered. With the invention of electricity, windmill power went by the wayside for a long time. But today, there is a movement afoot to get more windmills working in more areas as it is a pollution free, natural and renewable energy source. We celebrate this day on the second Saturday in May.

National Mill Day - In Holland, the second weekend in May is a day to celebrate their windmills and watermills, of which they have quite a few. In fact, 950 of them will be opening their doors to visitors this weekend so that people can see what they do. Many of them will have planned activities for children and their families.

Do Dah Day - On a day way back in 1979 in Birmingham, or so I am led to believe, a bunch of friends decided to have a party and over the years turned it into a fund raising event for local charities involving animals. More and more Do Dah volunteers joined the effort and it has become a festival with a parade.

Mother's Day – Always celebrated on the second Sunday in May, this is a day to honor mothers, or mother figures everywhere. Typically we celebrate with cards and gifts, but if you have your own way of celebrating with your mother, or the one who is like a mother to you, feel free to do so.

Mothers At The Wall Day – This is a day for mothers who have lost a child to war. There is nothing more devastating than losing your child. If you have lost one who went off to fight for our country, you have the heartfelt sympathies of an entire nation at your feet as you go to the Vietnam Memorial Wall for the special Mother's Day ceremony. This day is celebrated on Mother’s Day every year. As a mother of relatively young children, I only need to imagine losing one of my children for the panic to start welling up in my heart. Actually experiencing that loss has to be the hardest thing in the world to endure. My heart goes out to each and every one of you.

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