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May 24, 2017

Today we celebrate:

Aviation Maintenance Technician Day - You hear all about the Wright Brothers, but you never hear about Charles Edward Taylor. Without Mr. Taylor, the Wright Brothers wouldn’t have gotten too far. Mr. Taylor built the engine that was used to power the Wright Brother’s airplane that made them so famous. So today, in honor of his birthday, we honor the hard work of all aviation maintenance professionals.

Emergency Medical Services for Children Day - On Wednesday of the 3rd full week of May, we use this day to spread awareness of the need to improve specialized care for children in emergency situations. The theme this year is “EMS STRONG: Always in Service.” Many hospitals, schools and community groups will be having activities today.

Asparagus Day - This is a vegetable that I didn’t have much of when I was growing up. I probably wouldn’t have known what to do with it. I was an obedient child and I ate whatever my mother made. That didn’t mean I always enjoyed it, but I learned at a young age that you don’t have to like it in order to eat it. But I think that my parents didn’t have much experience with asparagus either. They grew up on family farms and grew their own food, so they probably didn’t grow asparagus. The first time I remember eating it was after I was married to my husband. He had a much more refined palate than I did and assured me that this would be a tasty vegetable. It turns out that he was right. I can’t say it’s my favorite vegetable, but it definitely tastes better than I expected it to...enough so that even if he isn’t around, I would still be willing to buy it, prepare it and eat it.

Scavenger Hunt Day - Scavenger hunts can be lots of fun. The idea is that someone hides something and then individuals or teams try to find that item (or list of items). Sometimes the hider leaves clues for the finders and sometimes those clues can be in the form of a puzzle or riddle.

Brother’s Day - This is a day to celebrate the unique bond between brothers. We have celebrated brothers and sisters in the past, but this day is just for the boys. If you are male and you have one or more brothers, give them a call today and tell them, in a manly way, that you care.

National Escargot Day – This dish is a French delicacy that I have never been tempted to try since I know that the English translation is “snails”. Now before you run out back to find that snail you just saw the other day (they’re slow, he might still be there), be warned…. these are not just any old snails that you might find in your garden because not all snails are edible. In my opinion, no snails are edible, but the French did not ask my opinion.

International Tiara Day – This day was first celebrated in 2005. The day was created by Barbara Bellissimo and seems to be related to bridal attire. Lynanne White received permission from Barbara to take over the day with the idea of making every woman feel like a princess. This particular day was chosen for the celebration because it is Queen Victoria's birthday.

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