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May 5, 2017

Today we celebrate:

Museum Lover’s Day - While most museums are somewhat torturous for children, the older you get, the more you appreciate what they have to offer….which is mainly the opportunity to see and learn things you would never normally have an opportunity to see and learn. There are museums in this world for just about any subject you can think of and even a few you would never think of. For example, there is a Devil’s Rope Barbed Wire Museum in Texas, a Hobo Museum in Iowa. a Hair Museum in Missouri (art made out of human hair), a Museum of Bad Art in Massachusetts, and a Banana Museum in California.

Ascension Day - This is the day that celebrates the Ascension of Jesus into heaven. It’s an important day for Christian churches and is celebrated on a Thursday, the fortieth day after Easter. Some churches celebrate on the following Sunday.

Revenge of the 5th - There’s a play on words happening here, Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith, as you can see is very close to Revenge of the 5th. I’m not sure why it is happening in May, but I guess they had to pick one of the twelve months, maybe May just got lucky. This would be a good day to re-watch one or more of the Star Wars movies, depending on how much free time you have. UPDATE: An anonymous reader commented and offered an explanation for this day. It is celebrated today because Revenge of the Sith came after the original Star Wars, so it makes sense that Revenge of the 5th comes in the same month and right after Star Wars Day or May the 4th be with you. Thank you very much for that information!

National Hoagie Day – Hoagies are called different things in different parts of the country. But Domenic Vitiello, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania who researched the matter, said that they originated in Philadelphia on Hog Island during World War I. The Professor credits Italians on this island for throwing different meats between slices of bread and discovering that it tastes great.

Oyster Day - Oysters are pretty incredible creatures. There are freshwater oysters and saltwater oysters. Sometimes these oysters turn a piece of sand that gets stuck in their shells into pearls that we then turn into jewelry. You can celebrate today by eating oysters...I recommend fried oysters, raw ones are a little too slimy for me, or you can wear some pearls.

National Chocolate Custard Day – I have found numerous references to this particular food online. Some people said it should be celebrated today, others said it should have been on May 3rd. I chose to add it to both days because it’s chocolate custard! Yum!  

International Day Of The Midwife – For several years now the theme for this day has been “The world needs midwives now more than ever!” Midwives have, I think, been around longer than doctors and have been an important resource for women giving birth to their babies. The International Confederation of Midwives created this day in order to promote the need for midwives in your community.  

Cinco de Mayo – This day commemorates the victory of the Mexican Army over France in 1862 at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco – Mexican War. While it is not a big holiday in Mexico, in the United States, it has become a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage.

Cartoonists Day – On this day in 1895, the first color cartoon was published. I don’t get a newspaper anymore but I remember that when I was a child I lived for the comics everyday and the big Sunday comic pages every week. Then, we used to save them to use for wrapping paper when my husband and I were newly married and had no money for such luxuries.

Totally Chipotle Day – Chipotle is a flavor that is Mexican - Indian in origin, but it is rapidly becoming very popular in the United States as well. It is celebrated today to compliment Cinco de Mayo and honor its’ Mexican roots.

No Pants Day – Celebrated on the first Friday in May, this is a fun day that involves not wearing any pants. The really fun part is that you have to pretend that there is nothing unusual about what you are doing, then sitting back and watching other people’s reactions. This is probably not a good day to wear a thong, but that’s just my opinion, you do what you want. This is about not taking yourself seriously and reveling in the absurdity of the situation. Some of us more hardy folk celebrated this day back in January 10th, which is the original anniversary of the first guy who, back in 1986, left home without any pants, discovered the oversight on the subway, and bluffed his way through the day because going back home wasn’t an option.

International Space Day – Also celebrated on the first Friday in May, this is a day that is all about space and anything that you can learn about or from space. Museums that have Air and Space exhibits may have special events going on this weekend. This celebration was created by the Lockheed Martin Corp in 1997 in order to get young people all over the world excited about science and math.

International Tuba Day – And another first Friday in May day, this one is about recognizing the challenges that tubists endure in order to play their instrument. These are big and bulky instruments and are frequently disrespected among fellow band players. The day was created by Joel Day (this may or may not be his real name) in 1979 when he was one of two tuba players in his high school band. I’d be happy if my children’s high school band had even one tuba player. Mr. Day continued celebrating this day into college where he was known for popular Tuba Day activities and the celebrations have spread from there.

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