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May 28, 2017

Today we celebrate:

National Brisket Day - Brisket is a specific cut of meat that comes from the lower chest of the animal. It is generally cooked low and slow, as my husband says, a phrase that you may not recognize if you are not an experienced cook or if my husband made it up. He means that you cook it for a long time over a low, or indirect, heat (if you are cooking it on a grill). All I know is that it is delicious!

National Hamburger Day - Hamburgers apparently originated in Hamburg, Germany but the Americans added their own spin to it by putting it on a bun. Seymour, Wisconsin lays claim to that addition and hosts a hamburger festival called Burger Fest every year. I haven’t yet heard about anyone disputing that claim, although maybe no one cares enough to do so.

Amnesty International Day – Amnesty International was founded in 1961 after an article was published on this day in 1961 by the The Observer entitled “The Forgotten Prisoners” by Peter Benenson. Amnesty's goal is to bring attention to the many cases of human rights abuse in the world and to bring pressure to governments whenever and wherever they can to try to get those abuses to end. The organization was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 1977 for its “campaign against torture,” as well as the United Nations Prize in the Field of Human Rights in 1978.

Sierra Club Day – Founded on this day in 1892, with John Muir as its' first President and a membership of 182 charter members, this club has worked tirelessly to, as John Muir said, “do something for wildness and make the mountains glad.” This club now has more than a million members and is the oldest environmental organization in the U.S.

Indianapolis 500 - The famous car race that takes place on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway located in Speedway, Indiana. This race is always held over the Memorial Day weekend and is one of the three most important races in the world. It began in 1911 and has happened every year since then.

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