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May 16, 2017

Today we celebrate:

Sex Differences in Health Awareness Day - This is a day to remind the health care professionals that we depend on to make good decisions for each of us, of the simple fact that men and women are very different. That may seem very obvious, but the differences I am referring to are more than just the obvious physical ones. We are different in many other ways as well. We have very different symptoms that present themselves ahead of a heart attack, for example. Men and women have different odds of suffering from certain diseases such as osteoporosis and certain kinds of cancer. Our health care professionals need to be aware of these differences and ask the right questions of their patients in order to catch them in time.

National Coquilles St. Jacques Day - This is a dish that is also known as Scallops St. James. It is scallops that are poached in white wine, then placed back in cleaned scallop shells and spread over sauteed mushrooms with a creamy cheese sauce and topped with bread crumbs and broiled for a short time until they are brown.

National Piercing Day - This is a day that began in 2007 and is a day to appreciate the fun of piercings of all kinds. I know that I am old and somewhat old fashioned. I know this because my children tell me all the time. So I only have one piercing in each ear and I have absolutely no desire to have any other holes poked into any other parts of my body. But I respect the right of other people to have as many holes as they wish in whatever parts of their body they wish. There are a lot of people out there who believe it makes them beautiful. So to them I say, I think you’re beautiful already just the way you are, but if you are over 18, and you really want to, you can have as many piercings as you feel the need for.

Love A Tree Day – Trees are vital for our lives. They provide a tremendous service to us and we take them for granted in a big way. Where would our oxygen come from without them? What about our shade, homes for animals, food for insects, food for us? I could go on and on. I certainly love my trees. They keep my kids from getting sunburned in the back yard. My husband finally convinced me to let him cut a few down but only because they were diseased and in danger of falling on our house and our neighbor’s house. It hurt my heart to see them go.

National Mimosa Day - Another adult beverage day created by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway, this is a day to enjoy a delicious Mimosa. These drinks are served in a champagne flute because they are created by mixing orange juice with champagne.

National Sea Monkey Day – Sea monkeys were created by marketing genius, Harold von Braunhut, in 1960. They are really just brine shrimp in fancy packaging and Mr. von Braunhut made a fortune. You can still buy them today.

Wear Purple For Peace Day – Ok, I have researched a lot of days now but I think this is one of the oddest. This is a day to wear purple to promote peace. That's not so odd, you might be thinking. At least until I tell you that the peace in question is not between different countries or people, but between people and aliens. That's right. We are supposed to wear purple today so that if any aliens happen to swing by, they will know that we have nothing but peaceful intentions. I am unsure how these aliens are supposed to know that purple means peace. I could not find an explanation for that.

Biographer's Day – On this day in 1763, in London, England, a biographer, James Boswell, met with his biographee, Samuel Johnson. Mr. Boswell later wrote two books about Mr. Johnson and this whole relationship is apparently quite well known among the writing community.

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