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May 21, 2017

Today we celebrate:

Stepmother’s Day - Celebrated on the Sunday after Mother’s Day, this is a day to appreciate your stepmother. It is not easy to blend families, sometimes tensions run high and children may resent it when a new woman comes in to take the mother roll, even if it’s only part time because the children divide their time between their divorced parents. It isn’t easy for the stepmother either, and today we acknowledge that reality and appreciate the efforts that she makes to be the best mother she can be.

I Need A Patch For That Day - There are a many different groups that use patches as a way of recognizing an achievement, or keeping a memory of an event, by using patches. The Girl Scouts, for example, have patches for absolutely everything that you sew on a vest or sash or bag and keep forever. But you don’t need to join the Girls Scouts to do this for yourself or your family, you can order patches for events you do with your family and display them however you want.

National Strawberries and Cream Day - This is a simple, but oh so delicious dish. All it is is a dish of sliced strawberries, freshly picked from the farm if possible, and a dollop of whipped cream, freshly whipped with fresh cream if you have it. Put the two together and you have a little piece of heaven to enjoy.

Military-Amateur Crossband Communications Day – On this day, usually celebrated on the same day as Armed Forces Day, the Military Auxiliary Radio System conducts a traditional military to amateur crossband communications test and a message-receiving test. This gives amateur radio operators an opportunity to display their skills and receive recognition from the Secretary of Defense. This radio system is in place so that the military, as well as state and local emergency response organizations, have access to communications in the event of an emergency.

Sister Maria Hummel Day – Born on this day in 1909, Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, O.S.F., was an artist and a German Franciscan Sister. She created the artwork for the Hummel figurines which are very famous in the art world. It should be noted that Adolf Hitler hated her art and although the Nazi's allowed her to work, they banned distribution of her work in Germany. In 1940, the Nazi's seized the convent that she lived in and forced many of the 250 Sisters to leave. The 40 Sisters that remained there lived without heat or a means of support so Hummel continued to work, sometimes even drawing pictures with a Jewish theme which was very dangerous. The Nazi's took half of the money she made and the rest went to buy food for the Sisters. Sister Hummel became ill during this time and never recovered. She died in 1946.

Rapture Party Day - A few years ago, this day in 2011 to be exact, was the day that Harold Camping predicted that the end of the world would begin. He had a lot of followers who planned for that event, called The Rapture, and fully expected to be taken up to heaven. Prior to this, Mr. Camping predicted the Rapture would happen in September of 1994. Most Christian groups did not believe him, and it turned out that he was indeed incorrect.

National Memo Day – While the memo is occasionally a useful method of conveying information, sometimes it is overused. Other times it seems that important information still doesn't get to the people it needs to get to. But I don't think it's the memo's fault. I think that most likely it is the fault of whoever is sending the memo. So we should still celebrate the memo today.

National Waiters And Waitresses Day – Waiters and Waitresses put up with a lot of grief from their customers. Not you, of course, I'm talking about other customers with unruly children, obnoxious manners, poor tippers and humongous mess makers. But in spite of all that, most of them are able to keep their friendly attitudes and do a great job providing excellent service. So let’s give them a hand today, and maybe an extra big tip.

American Red Cross Founder's Day – Clarissa Harlowe Barton founded the Red Cross in 1881 at the age of 60. The age when most people are beginning to think about retirement and golfing 24/7. Then, she ran the organization for 23 years. Prior to that she provided assistance to Union troops during the Civil War. She led an amazing and inspiring life, you can read about it here.

World Day For Cultural Diversity For Dialogue & Development – This is a day proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in November 2001 for the purpose of promoting diversity around the world. The UN would like communities to understand the value of cultural diversity, realize that we can all learn from each other, and live together in harmony.

Neighbor Day – There are a number of these days sprinkled around the year. September 28, May 30, and March 29 all come to mind. But this particular day was begun in 1993 in Rhode Island because of a tragedy which ended in the loss of one life and the incarceration of another. The hope of this day is to get to know your neighbors, be concerned for them and be willing to help them when they need it and, hopefully, they will do the same for you. We celebrate this day on the Sunday before Memorial Day Weekend.

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