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May 13, 2017

Today we celebrate:

Lag B’omer - Beginning tonight at sundown and ending tomorrow evening at sundown, this is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the Jewish fighting spirit. They have been enslaved, oppressed, kicked out of countries, suffered genocide, discrimination, and disputes over their living space. But they don’t give up.

Sun Awareness Day - Celebrated on the 2nd Saturday of May, this is a day to… something sun related? I’m not sure because I couldn’t find out much about it. I saw someplace that speculated it was a day to wear sunscreen and be aware of the dangers of skin cancer. I saw another place that was about having fun in the sun.

O. Henry Pun-Off Day – This is a yearly competition inspired by the writings of William Sydney Porter who lived in Austin, TX in the late 1800s and used the pen name O. Henry. He had a gift for wordplay that is loved to this day so in 1978, pun-offs began to be celebrated. In 1990, Gary Hallock, began organizing and running the competition which takes place at the O. Henry Museum in Austin, TX.

Mother Ocean Day – Celebrated every year on the day before Mother's Day, this is a day to celebrate the beauty and wonder of the ocean. A common way to celebrate is to cast rose petals into the ocean from the beach and watch them flow out.

National Babysitters Day – Also celebrated on the Saturday before Mother's Day, this is a day to appreciate the love and care the babysitters of the country give to our children. They free us up to get a break from child care and enjoy conversations that can be shared with other adults now and then. Those of you who don’t have kids yet may not understand just how important that is for a parent, but if you have kids someday, you will.

International Hummus Day - A dip made with chickpeas or some other beans along with lots of other ingredients that tastes much better than I thought it would. Try it with some crackers or chips or veggies and you will be pleasantly surprised if you haven’t wanted to try it before.

Birth Mother's Day – Yet another day that lands on Saturday before Mother's Day is a day to recognize birth mothers, without whom, many of us wouldn't have children. It can be a very difficult decision to put your child up for adoption, but if that is the best thing for your child, it's an act of great love to recognize it and be willing to do it. This day was created by a group of birth mothers in Seattle in 1990.

Brunch for Lunch Day - Today is a day that is celebrated the day before Mother’s Day and is a day to practice creating a perfect brunch meal for your mother for tomorrow. In other words, it’s a practice day. Find a wonderful brunch recipe and make it today so you can be sure you will be able to make it for Mom tomorrow and that it will taste good because Mom deserves the very best.

Cough Drop Day - There have been times in my life, like last winter, when I have lived on cough drops. I buy the big 200 count bags from CVS, and when I’m really sick, they don’t last long. So I really appreciate the fact that they exist and really do help cut down the coughing.  They don’t make it all go away, of course, nothing but time does that, but they help. Although my kids don’t care, they don’t like the taste so they don’t want them in their mouths.

National Fruit Cocktail Day - I grew up on cans of fruit cocktail. We would have it for dessert sometimes. Didn’t like the cherries, but you can eat around them, or sneak them into your sister’s bowl when she wasn’t looking...and maybe steal the peaches while you were at it. Not that I ever did that, because it would be wrong...very, very wrong.

Top Gun Day - I’m sure you remember the movie Top Gun with Tom Cruise, well you might want to watch it again today because this is a day that is all about living like you’re in the movie. Get some cool aviator sunglasses, a leather jacket, and tight jeans. Then spend the day talking like you are in the movie, give your family members cool nicknames, and use Top Gun phrasing for common tasks. For example, when you tell your child to take out the garbage and they ask why, respond with, “It’s classified. I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you.” Or whenever they ask you something that you plan to respond to with a ‘no’, say instead, “Negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.”

Tulip Day - Tulips are a lovely sign of spring. They come in so many different colors that you could have a rainbow of tulips in your yard if you wanted to. Amsterdam is famous for tulips, but you don’t have to live there in order to enjoy them. You can get them here in America as well so head to the nursery near you and find some tulips to plant today.

World Cocktail Day - Today is a great day to have a cocktail. It’s Saturday, so most of us don’t have to work tomorrow….although I am not encouraging you to over imbibe. Mostly because while it’s fun in the moment, it’s not so much fun the next day even if you don’t have to work. But whatever your favorite cocktail is, by all means, have one today.

Frog Jumping Day – I'm not sure where this day came from although I did find speculation that the idea originated from Mark Twain, if not the day itself. It is probably because of Mark Twain’s first successful story called “Jim Smiley and His Jumping Frog” which was published in 1865.  It is a day to either jump like a frog, or partake in frog jumping races.

Leprechaun Day – This is a day dedicated to these wonderful, Irish elves. See if you can find one today. If you do, don't let him go until he leads you to his pot of gold. Be careful because they are very tricky.

National Apple Pie Day – Celebrated today and on December 3rd, this is a day to revel in that delicious apple filling and that tender, flaky crust. Hmmmm, I can smell it now. It has consistently ranked at the top of the list on surveys asking people what their favorite dessert is. It is a dish that is older than the Pilgrims who colonized America so it is not really an American dish, but it has become one that is associated with all things American.

Martin Z. Mollusk Day – Martin Z. Mollusk is a hermit crab who lives on Moorlyn Terrace Beach in Ocean City, NJ. Martin must be distantly related to Punxsutawney Phil because he can also predict the arrival of a new season. If he sees his shadow today, usually on the first Thursday in May but last year and this year it’s a Saturday for reasons I couldn’t figure out, summer is going to come a week early in Ocean City. No shadow? Summer will begin on time. Be at 9th Street Beach at 11am to catch the festivities.

American Indian Day - This is a day that was declared by the Governor of New York in 1916 after Red Fox James, a Blackfoot Native, lobbied for the day by riding his horse from state to state. The Governor set the day to be celebrated on the second Saturday of May every year.  However, not every state makes the same decision and some of the others that proclaimed a special day for the Native Americans set it for the 4th Friday in September.

International Migratory Bird Day – Created by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and celebrated on the 2nd Saturday in May, this is a day to learn about the nearly 350 species of birds that migrate every year. They nest in North America, and fly south to warmer climates when their breeding grounds in the north get cold. Different areas may celebrate at different times depending on when migratory birds are expected to pass through their area.

Letter Carrier's Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Day – Every year on the second Saturday in May, mail carriers collect non-perishable food items for local food pantries. So fill a bag and hang it on your mailbox because they will be there soon.

Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Awareness Day – Celebrated is probably not the right word for this day so I’ll say that it is observed on the second Saturday in May. This syndrome is a genetic disorder that is present at birth although it is not always diagnosed that early. There are physical characteristics associated with it like some other syndromes and there are common medical issues that most people with the disorder suffer such as heart defects, seizures and vision problems among others. This is a day to spread awareness of the disease that 1 in 10,000 children are born with.

World Fair Trade Day – Celebrated on the second Saturday in May, this is a day to promote fair trade and work toward trade justice for everyone. The theme that began last year and lasts until 2017 is, “Be an Agent for Change.”  

World Belly Dance Day – This is yet another second Saturday of May celebration. Boy there sure are a lot of things to celebrate today. This day celebrates the art of belly dancing. It is an art form as well as an excellent exercise program, in my opinion. Frankly, I don't know how they move like that. I have a friend who takes belly dancing lessons and loves it, so if you’re interested in learning how, this is a great day to find a class and give it a try.

National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day - We have all been hearing about how important it is to be prepared for a disaster, whether that comes in the form of a hurricane, tornado, flood, snowpocolypse, or whatever. But you might not have thought about your pets. While you are creating a plan for the survival of the humans in your household, make a plan for your pets as well. They are depending on you. We work on this important day on the second Saturday of May.

National Archery Day - Celebrated on the 2nd Saturday in May, this is a day to practice your archery skills. I’m sure you remember how. Didn’t you learn in high school gym class like I did? Well, maybe if you are my age you did. If you are any younger maybe not, they tend to steer kids away from sharp pointy objects that fly through the air and strike targets. That’s too bad because archery is is increasing in popularity for hunters and for competitive sports.

National Miniature Golf Day -  Celebrated on the second Saturday in May, this is a day to celebrate an enjoyable and entertaining game that has been around since somewhere in the 1800s. I have seen a claim that it began in Scotland as a game for women since women were not allowed to play golf.

Stay Up All Night Night – Do you remember how exciting it was to stay up all night when you were a child? Well, today...or rather, get to relive that thrill. The second Saturday in May is a night to stay up all night doing things that you don't usually have time to do. What will you do with all this extra time? Chores, visiting with friends who are celebrating with you, and watching movies are all good ideas. Do you have others? I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it. I recall the last time I stayed up all night. It was about four or five years ago when I had dueling sick children who took turns throwing up all night long. One was upstairs and one was down. I spent the night running back and forth up and down those stairs from one child to the other.  At 7 am they finally finished and I crawled into bed feeling half dead. Not a circumstance I would care to repeat...ever. I just don’t think I’m cut out for staying up all night.

National Train Day – On May 1st, 1971, Amtrak first went into service. They began this holiday in 2008 to promote the advantages of rail travel and the history of trains in this country. This will be the 8th year of celebration for trains. This has been such a big event for Amtrak that they have decided to make it Amtrak Train Days this year to celebrate why trains matter and why people ride trains as often as they do. There will be several events over the course of the year celebrating this idea and they will begin today at Chicago Union Station and will travel to 20 locations between now and October. This day is celebrated on the Saturday closest to May 10th which is the anniversary of the day that the Golden Spike was pounded in Promontory, Utah signifying the completion of the first transcontinental railroad.

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