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March 14, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Learn About Butterflies Day – Did you know there are an estimated 28,000 different types of butterflies. About 80 percent of which live in the tropics.

National Pi Day – Pi (the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter) is a very special number that begins with 3.14159 and continues into infinity without repetition or a pattern of any kind. It has been calculated to one trillion numbers after it's decimal point and I think that whoever did that had lots of time on his/her hands.

National Save A Spider Day – No, I don't think so. Today we are supposed to appreciate the strength and predatory skills of the spider. We are supposed to admire them and save them from the certain death they will experience if they are found in my house. I'll admire them all right, just as long as they stay outside and away from me.

National Potato Chip Day – Salty snacks that are oh so bad for you but so very yummy and addicting.

International Ask A Question Day – Celebrated on Albert Einstein's birthday, today is a day to ask all the questions that have been puzzling your mind. That's how Albert got his start, after all.

World Kidney Day – Today is the day to focus on Acute Kidney Injury and improve methods of prevention and treatment.

To celebrate today locate all the spiders in your house and begin a catch and release program. I'll leave that to my daughter with the soft heart. Then get out the potato chips and have a snack while you research everything there is to know about butterflies and kidneys. Finally, spend the remainder of your day calculating Pi out to as many numbers as you have time for. While you are at it, see if you can find any number strings in there that are important to you like your birthday or anniversary or social security number or DNA sequence.

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