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March 6, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Oreo Cookie Day – According to CBS News, the first Oreo cookie was sold on this day in 1912 so this year they are 101 years old. Oreos are the best selling cooking in America, I understand. Not surprising since they are so delicious.

Sofia Kovalevskaya Math Day – Born in 1850, Sofia (also known as Sonia) was the first major Russian mathematician and the first woman to be made a full professor in Northern Europe. When she was young, her father forbid her to study mathematics because he believed that education was wasted on women. So she studied secretly. She encountered road blocks and discrimination at every turn in her career and she found a way to eventually get around it every time. Sadly, she died of the flu in 1891.

Dentists Day – Make an appointment for today and celebrate with your Dentist. Maybe they have a new flavor of fluoride you can try.

National Frozen Food Day – Another day with disagreement on which day this should be celebrated. Some say it's on the 4th of March, others on the 7th. Whichever day you choose, don't feel like you're cheating your family out of nutrients just because you have chose frozen foods. They flash freeze these things and research shows that they retain the vast majority of their nutrients for a long time. Sometimes they even have more nutrients than the 'fresh' foods you get at the grocery store.

Learn What Your Name Means Day – Today is a research kind of day. Use whatever resources you have available to find out what your name means. For example, my name is English in origin and means “pretty”.

National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day – White chocolate and cheesecake, what a fabulous combination.

World Maths Day – The first Wednesday in March, although some locations will be celebrating tomorrow. This is a day for online math games for ages 4-18.

To celebrate today research your name so you can tell everyone what it means. Then go and see your dentist to have your teeth cleaned, I know you just went for your toothache a few days ago, but you can never have your teeth be too clean. Then you can treat your kids to Oreo's while you explain to them how lucky they are that you allow them the privilege of learning mathematics even though they are girls. Then get online and play some math games with them. Celebrate their mathematical accomplishments with some frozen vegetables for dinner and white chocolate cheesecake for dessert.

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