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March 19, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Poultry Day – Poultry is not just chicken. It could be any domesticated bird raised for meat or eggs. Be creative today, try something you've never tried before like quail or cornish game hens.

Swallows Return To San Juan Capistrano Day – I don't know how these birds know what day it is but apparently they are always on time and there is a big festival to celebrate their return.

Operation Iraqi Freedom Day – On this day in 2003, President George W. Bush announced the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The mission was to rid Iraq of Saddam Hussein and stop Iraq from being able to produce weapons of mass destruction.

National Agriculture Day – Started by the Agriculture Council of America, this day is for recognizing the fact that agriculture is the backbone of life. Without the abundance of agriculture, civilization could not have expanded beyond the little family farms of centuries ago.

National Chocolate Caramel Day – Ok, I admit it, I'm salivating right now. I love chocolate and caramel which is why I never have any of it around. But since today is a special day, I guess I just have to go out and get some.

To celebrate today, plan out a backyard reenactment of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Get your whole neighborhood involved. Then when you're done and your backyard is demolished, plant some agriculture back there instead of grass. Get your binoculars and examine each bird you see during the day to see if it's a swallow. Then whip up a poultry dish for dinner and have some chocolate caramels for dessert.

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