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March 31, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Eiffel Tower Day – On this day in 1889, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France was dedicated. It took two years, two months and five days to complete. It was built by Gustave Eiffel for the International Exhibition of Paris in that year. It was the tallest structure in the world until 1930.

Easter – A Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

National Bunsen Burner Day – On this day in 1811, Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von Bunsen was born in Germany. He was a professor of chemistry and created the bunsen burner which has made life so much easier for chemists and chemistry students.

National “She's Funny That Way” Day – Today is a day to celebrate women and all the ways we make everyone laugh.

National Clams On The Half Shell Day – Most of the recipes that I have found for this delicacy involve eating raw clams. While I don't think I'm all that picky about what I eat, (I was raised to believe that when you're a guest in someone's home, you eat what you are served no matter what it is.) I would definitely HAVE to be a guest in someone's home in order to make myself eat this.

International Day Of Prayer And Remembrance For Terri Schindler Schiavo, And All Our Vulnerable Brothers And Sisters – You probably remember the big controversy regarding Terri Schiavo. I'm not going into details and taking sides here, I'll just say that today is a day to remember her and everyone who is or has been in her and her family's very difficult position.

To celebrate today, start out by attending a sunrise Easter service at your local church, then you can take a quick trip to Paris to show your kids the Eiffel Tower in person. On your way home, swing by Germany and pick up an authentic German bunsen burner for your kids to take to chemistry class to show off. It probably will look exactly like the ones they already have in school. Then call up your mother so that you can have an amusing conversation about your trip. Finish up the day with your raw clams and some prayers for Terri, Terri's family and every other family enduring difficult medical decisions.

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