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March 20, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Kick Butts Day – Some of my karate friends are going to see this and say, “YES!” But read on, my friends because we are talking about a different kind of 'butts'. Today is a day for fighting against the Tobacco industry, encouraging kids to not pick up the tobacco habit, and raising awareness about the health concerns related to tobacco.

Bed-In For Peace Day – John Lennon and Yoko Ono were married on this day in 1969. Knowing that they would get a lot of publicity because of it, they decided to use that publicity to promote peace by having the first Bed-In For Peace event which lasted for a week. It was modeled after the popular sit-in protest style, but they sat in beds instead of the hard ground. It was their intention that this be a humorous type of protest.

Great American Meat Out Day – Today is a day to go without meat. Try a vegan diet today, you may decide you like it better. You may encounter people at shopping centers and other public locations attempting to get you to pledge to do this today. Their goal of the organizers was to get 25,000 people to pledge to try eating this way today.

International Earth Day – Founded by John McConnell, this is a day to focus on the needs of the Earth.

Won't You Be My Neighbor Day – Who doesn't remember Fred Rogers, everyone's neighbor? Today is a day to wear a sweater and behave in neighborly manner with everyone.

Extraterrestrial Abductions Day – Today keep a wary eye on the skies. They could be coming for you this time.

Proposal Day – Apparently the stars are aligned today ( I don't quite get that. I would bet money that they will be just as scattered across the sky as usual when the sun sets.) and it is the perfect day for a proposal. So if you've been thinking about popping that all important question, why not do it today?

Atheist Pride Day – Although I'm not an atheist, I have some friends who are. If you are one yourself, today is a day to be proud of it. We do have freedom of religion after all and I'm pretty sure that means you can be free FROM having a religion if that is what you want.

International Astrology Day – Begun in 1993 by the Association for Astrological Networking, the purpose of this day is to expand networking among astrology minded individuals, gain positive publicity, and raise funds for local astrological organizations. Maybe these people can explain to me how the stars can be aligned without actually moving into a line formation.

National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day – This is not just an African Continent problem, although that is what we hear about the most on the news. This problem affects all countries and all nationalities and cultures.

National Ravioli Day – There are lots of things that you can put in a ravioli, it's not just a cheese dish. I had butternut squash raviolis that were out of this world. See if you can make your own or find someone who makes more unusual raviolis and expand your palate today.

Kiss Your Fiancee Day – Wedding planning is stressful. There's no way around that unless you elope or visit your friendly neighborhood Justice of the Peace or Sea Captain. So take a break from the stresses of your upcoming wedding day and just spend some time together and fall in love all over again. Oh yeah, you can practice for your first kiss as a married couple. That takes a lot of practice if you want to get it right.

Snowman Burning Day – Begun by the Lake Superior State University Unicorn Hunters in 1971, this is a tradition that says goodbye to winter and hello to spring. This practice apparently comes from Germany where they would have a festival and the Mayor of the town would ask tell the children that if they promise to be good, he will order the straw snowman to be set on fire and spring will arrive. The children yell out their promise, the snowman is set aflame and it's bye-bye winter. In true college form, the LSSU's snowmen have taken many forms over the years. You can read about it here.

National Jump Out! Day – Grab a jump rope and start hopping. This is a day for children to be more active, but there is no earthly reason why adults can't do it too.

Vernal Equinox – Also known as the Spring Equinox, it is the point at which day and night are exactly the same length. This marks the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere of the planet and the beginning of fall in the Southern Hemisphere (therefore called the Autumnal Equinox).

This is a very busy day. To start, you can wish my youngest daughter a Happy Birthday, read your horoscope and then if you have a fiancee, give him/her a kiss. If you don't have a fiancee yet, maybe that will change by the end of the day. While you are waiting, grab your sweater and a jump rope and jump your way to LSSU to watch the snowman burning. You could even gather some Atheist friends and turn it into a jump roping parade. On the way there you will see many people, be neighborly and stop and talk to them about the HIV/AIDS problem for natives and encourage them to stop smoking. After the snowman burning, say hello to spring and then rush home for your bed-in portion of the day. It's a long way so maybe you can grab a ride from your neighborhood extraterrestrial. When you get home, drag your bed into the kitchen so you can make your meatless ravioli dinner while participating in your very own bed-in..

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