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March 16, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Goddard Day – Robert Goddard was the first to launch a rocket propelled by a liquid fuel. He accomplished this feat on this day in 1926 on his Aunt Effie's farm in Massachusetts. He may also have been the first to state that space travel to the moon was possible. He was ridiculed in the New York Times for this belief.

National Quilting Day – I know that all of you quilters out there have been waiting for this day. You may begin.

Lips Appreciation Day – Take care of your lips today. It's really hard to kiss your honey without them.

National Artichoke Heart Day – Artichoke heart lovers! Today is your day! For those of you who aren't sure yet about this crazy looking food, you can try this web site for recipes:,1-0,artichoke_hearts,FF.html

National Everything You Do Is Right Day – You knew this was coming right? After all you can't do everything wrong every day. There had to be a flip side. So whatever it is you want to do today, do it with confidence because you're absolutely right!

Freedom Of Information Day – Recognized by Congress in 1989, this day was chosen for the purposes of highlighting the importance of the Freedom of the Press, religion, the public library system and the public's right to know.....stuff. It is celebrated today because today is the birthday of President James Madison (our 4th President of the U.S.) who was the biggest contributor to the writing of the Bill of Rights.

Corn Dog Day – This is about more than corn dogs. Begun in 1992 by Brady Sahnow and Henry Otley, this day is a celebration of corn dogs, basketball, tater tots and beer. All of these things are really supposed to be celebrated together, but I think I'll pass on everything but the tater tots. I LOVE tater tots.

Curlew Day – These are birds, believe it or not. And they are busy practicing for their extravagant courtship flights. So if you see one, make sure you don't do anything to break their concentration. May the best bird win.

St. Urho's Day – I could not determine who created the story of St. Urho, but it apparently began in the 1950's and involves a man driving grasshoppers out of Finland saving the famed Finnish grape crops.

To celebrate today, create some rocket fuel and have a science experiment in the backyard with the kids where you attempt to launch a rocket. When the police come around asking questions, make sure you are free with your information. Next, add some pictures of lips, curlews, grapes and grasshoppers into the quilt you are making today while you watch a basketball game and eat artichoke hearts, corn dogs, tater tots and beer. Do all of this with the confidence that it will all turn out great! Alternatively, if you don't like the looks of lips on your quilt because they don't go with the grapes, grasshoppers and curlews, you can kiss everyone you meet today.

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