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March 5, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Cheese Doodle Day – These tasty, puffed corn treats first appeared in the 1930's. There is disagreement as to who invented them, and they are sold all over the world under different brand names. But tasty is tasty no matter what name it has.

Saint Piran's Day – St. Piran is the patron saint of tin miners. For reasons I don't understand, this day is associated with heavy alcoholic consumption.

Unique Names Day – Today is a day to celebrate those of us who have unusual names. Do you have a name that no one has ever heard of or knows how to spell? Do you wish you did? If not, maybe you can change the spelling of your name so it becomes unique.

National Multiple Personality Day – Now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder, this would be a good day to watch the movie Sybil. This also means that it's okay to be caught talking to yourself today.

To celebrate today get a bag of cheese doodles to share with everyone at the tin mine where you will go to have a drink with the miners. You can tell them all about your very unusual name and then you can talk to yourself all you want to on your way home to watch Sybil.

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