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March 4, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Courageous Follower Day – This is not a day about playing Follow the Leader where the leader is the neighborhood rock climbing daredevil. This is a day about being brave enough to follow your heart or follow your conscience or maybe even follow your toddler through a maze of tunnels.

International Scrapbooking Industry Day – May I just say that scrapbookers tend to be just a little bit obsessed with their scrapbooking activities. I have a scrapbooker in the family so I know what I'm talking about. Well, today is a day for all of you scrapbookers to indulge in your favorite activity. Get a group together today and scrapbook to your hearts content. Not that you need my permission, you know you'll be doing it today anyway.

March Forth-Do Something Day – I know what you're thinking. Really? It's not like you're sitting at home staring into space. We all do SOMETHING every day. Well, today is a little different. Today you need to stretch your comfort zone and do something big and bold and different.

National Pound Cake Day – This dessert is called pound cake because the traditional recipe used 1 pound each of flour, sugar, eggs and butter. It makes a big cake so you can adjust the measurements down for a smaller cake as long as you keep the 1:1:1:1 ratio. Recipes for this delicacy date back to the 1700's and call for beating the ingredients for an hour. And, I'm not sure if you know this but they didn't have electric mixers back then. Those cooks must have had some muscles.

Holy Experiment Day – Today is a day to try something new with your religion and see what happens in your life. Whatever you do, make sure it is in keeping with your faith. For example, you could increase the amount you usually give to your church or temple for a period of time and see how your life changes. You could also try fasting if you've never done that before.

Hug A GI Day – We need to show our appreciation for the GI's and all that they do to keep us safe. So find one to hug today as a way to thank them. Just make sure you don't try to surprise hug any of them. It's REALLY not good to try to surprise a GI. You could get hurt.

Benjamin Harrison Day – Our 23rd President was sworn into office on this day in 1989. He was sworn into service as a Senator on this day in 1881 as well. Clearly this was an important day of the year for him.

National Grammar Day – Established in 2008 by Martha Brockenbrough, the founder of The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar. Make sure that today you are extra careful with your “its”, “it's” and “its'”, and of course, “their”, “there” and “they're”. If you need some help with this day, check with your friendly neighborhood Grammar Nazi. We all know at least one. Am I right, Shannon?

Old Inauguration Day – This day was the original day to swear in a new President. It was chosen because it was the day in 1789 when the Constitution first took effect. It was changed to January 20th in the 20th Amendment to the Constitution. The last inauguration on this day took place in 1933 with President Franklin D. Roosevelt's first term. So he was the last President sworn in on the old date and the first President sworn in on the new date when he was re-elected four years later.

Toy Soldier Day – Today is a day to have fun. Dress up as a toy soldier, arm yourself with your nerf guns and invade someplace. Be careful with your choice of location as some places, like banks, tend to not have a sense of humor about things like this.

Casimir Pulaski Day – Celebrated on the first Monday in March, this is a day to remember Revolutionary War Cavalry Officer Casimir Pulaski. He was born in Poland but came to America and trained Revolutionary War soldiers and cavalry. In some states, there are laws making it mandatory for schools to celebrate this day with their students.

Fun Facts About Names Day – We continue Celebrate Your Name week with this one. What is interesting about your name? Do you know any cool trivia about anyone else's name? Do you know the names of Johnny Depp's siblings?

You have a very busy celebration day today so I'll help you out. First, invite your friendly neighborhood grammar nazi to follow you around all day correcting your grammar. Then look up interesting trivia about names of all kinds and yours in particular so you can fascinate everyone you meet with your knowledge. Next, you can recruit some troops and dress up as toy soldiers and stage a reenactment of the old time inaugurations after your reenactment of the Revolutionary War battles that the cavalry was involved in. Make sure you take lots of pictures so you can make a scrapbook page out of them later. Then you can make a pound cake the way they used to way back in the day and give it to a GI so their hands are busy while you hug them. That way they are less likely to hurt you if you have surprised them. On your way home, stop at your church and give them more money than you have ever given them before so you can see what kind of blessings are bestowed upon you later. And if you do all this, (I know, I know, I started my sentence with 'and' which wasn't grammatically proper.) you will have done something today and I'm sure during the course you will also have followed someone or something.

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