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March 23, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Chip and Dip Day – The original party food, I often serve these as one of the hor's duerves at our parties. It's easy and delicious.

National Melba Toast Day – believed to have been created in 1897 by Auguste Escoffier and named by Cesar Ritz after Dame Nellie Melba, the stage name of an Australian opera singer, it is a very thin and crunchy bread.

Earth Hour – On this day at 8:30pm EST, turn off your lights for one hour. No, I am not crazy. This is a time to focus on our planet. Think about the resources that go into our daily lives and how we can best conserve them in order to save this planet for our grandchildren.

Near Miss Day – On this day in 1989, a large asteroid missed earth by only about 500,000 miles. Which is just a little farther away than the moon.

National Puppy Day – Today is a day to celebrate puppies and the joy they bring to the people who love them, and also to fight against the puppy mills and the tragic plight of the dogs within them.

OK Day – This slang word was first used in 1839 by a journalist who was shortening the common slang at the time 'oll korrect' which was a deliberate misspelling of 'all correct'. Interestingly, OMG is also older than the kids today would probably imagine, having been first written by a British Naval Officer in 1917.

World Meteorological Day – This day celebrates 50 years of world weather watching by the World Weather Organization. There is a theme every year and this year's theme is, “Watching the weather to protect life and property.”

National Day of Unplugging – OK, all of you people who are addicted to your technological devices. Today is a day to unplug from them and reconnect with life. Turn off the cell phones and iPods and iPads and gaming systems and televisions. Talk to people face to face today. Listen to the silence around you, if you're lucky enough to find some. I did find it interesting that the internet is full of sites that each seem to put this celebration on a different day. So if you heard that it is celebrated on some other day, that would be why. I was not able to determine which day is the real day.

To celebrate today, go to your local SPCA and adopt a puppy and name him 'OK'. Then turn off the devices and have some chips and dip and melba toast with some other unplugged friends out in the back yard at 8:30pm EST (after you have turned out all the lights in the house) so you can watch the skies for asteroids and weather events.

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