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March 3, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National I Want You To Be Happy Day – Today is all about being unselfish and doing what will make someone else happy.

If Pets Had Thumbs Day – Thank goodness our pets do not have thumbs (unless your pet is a monkey). I can only imagine what my dog would get into if he did. While it's amusing to contemplate, it would not be so amusing to clean up.

National Anthem Day – The United States adopted The Star-Spangled Banner as its National Anthem on this day in 1931. A good choice, if you ask me, although they didn't.

Peach Blossom Day – Peach blossoms belong to peach trees which were first cultivated in China and South Asia. A beautiful and delicate looking flower, I'm wondering if they smell like peaches.

National Mulled Wine Day – I've never had this but my research says that it is a red wine combined with spices and you can sip it to chase away the chill of a wintery day. It's worth a try. Winter's getting old now and I'm ready for spring.

Namesake Day – This day kicks off a whole week of name related days. Maybe because it's Celebrate Your Name Week this week. Today you can start the week off right by giving some thought to your name. Who named you? Why did whoever named you give you the name you have? Are you named after someone? Who else is using your name? Many things to ponder today.

To celebrate today, contemplate who your namesake is so you can explain it to your children and coworkers. Then you can have some mulled wine and sing the National Anthem while you paint some peach blossoms on the wall of your boss's office because you know it will make him/her happy. When you get home to find the mess that Fido left for you, be thankful he didn't have any thumbs because if he did, the mess would be a whole lot bigger.

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