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February 1, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Bubble Gum Day – As far as my children are concerned, every day should be bubble gum day. However, today is actually all about using bubble gum as a fun school fundraiser.

Car Insurance Day – On this day in 1898, Traveler's Insurance Company issued the first car insurance policy.

G.I. Joe Day – I'm not sure of the origins of this day but G.I. Joe was the first doll that parents found acceptable for their sons to play with, mostly because it was called an “action figure” instead of a “doll”. But as we all know, “What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” - Juliet Capulet from Romeo and Juliet

Hula In The Coola Day – This is a day to forget that you are surrounded by cold, wintery temperatures. Ditch the heavy clothes, grab a grass skirt and have a luau in your very own living room.

National Freedom Day – On this day in 1865, President Abraham Lincoln signed the 13th Amendment to the Constitution outlawing slavery. Major Richard Robert Wright Sr., a former slave, thought that there should be a day for everyone to celebrate the freedom of ALL Americans. He began the National Freedom Association which worked toward accomplishing that goal and the first National Freedom Day was celebrated on this day in 1942.

Spunky Old Broads Day – This day celebrates any woman over the age of 50 who refuses to let her age dictate how she acts and what she does. Do something new and exciting today. Here are just a few suggestions:

Wear Red Day – This day is to raise awareness that heart disease is the number one killer of women and many times can be prevented if you know the signs.

Working Naked Day – Begun in 2010, I must stress that this day is for those of us fortunate enough to WORK FROM HOME! Please, I beg you, do not celebrate this day if you work outside the house, or if you work inside your home with other people. You might also want to reconsider doing this if you do a lot of video chatting or skyping as part of your job.

National Serpent Day – Today is a day for all things snakey and slippery. I don't like snakes, but if you do, see if you can find one in your backyard and wish him (or her, I don't know how to tell the difference) a Happy National Serpent Day.

National Baked Alaska Day – The original Baked Alaska was invented in 1876 and consisted of ice cream over a sponge cake and topped with meringue, then baked long enough for the meringue to set.

Since then, brave people added a rum topping and set the thing on fire.

Robinson Crusoe Day – A day to be adventurous and self-sufficient. On this day in 1709, the sailor, Alexander Selkirk, who was the inspiration for the book Robinson Crusoe, was rescued from the island where he had lived on his own for five years. His captain abandoned him there at Alexander's request after an argument.

To celebrate today, give your teacher 50 cents to allow your children the privilege of chewing bubble gum in class, then send them off so you can have a luau in your living room with your son's dolls, I mean, G.I. Joe action figures, After that, do get naked and do some office work for a change – you can't play all day every day, after all. While you are doing that you can make sure your car insurance is up to date and have Baked Alaska for lunch. Then put on something red and go visit your favorite spunky old broad and discuss the whole concept of living a Robinson Crusoe lifestyle. On the way home, look for some snakes to show your children when they get home.

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