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February 28, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Floral Design Day – These can be as complicated or simple as you wish. Flowers bring beauty into our homes and I hear that designing arrangements isn't as difficult as I think it is. It just takes some creativity and color coordinating skills (alas, that's where I fail).

National Chili Day again– Who doesn't like Chili? I hope you do since you just had some a few days ago on the 25th. Some say this is celebrated on the 25th every year and some say it is the 4th Thursday in February, which would change the day every year. One thing is sure, this is definitely a cold weather worthy meal.  You can make turkey chili, beef chili, veggie chili and any other kind of variation you can dream up.

National Tooth Fairy Day – Once again we have a discrepancy here as some believe that the Tooth Fairy should be celebrated today and others believe that celebration should take place on August 22nd. Well, the Tooth Fairy works incredibly hard, if you think about it. Do you have any idea how many children lose a tooth every day? Way too many for me to think about. So maybe she should have two days to celebrate. Let's all do her a favor today and not lose any teeth so maybe she can have a day of rest today.

Rare Disease Day – This is a day to spread awareness of rare diseases, NOT a day to acquire one for yourself so don't be nervous. Instead, learn about some of the diseases that are out there and if you feel so moved, contribute to funding to find a cure for them.

National Public Sleeping Day – We've all seen people fall asleep on a bus or train or at the public library or even at their desk at work. Well, today you can join them without having to feel embarrassed about it. Sweet dreams!

National Chocolate Souffle Day – A fluffy, chocolatey, piece of heaven.

To celebrate today, check your teeth to make sure none of them are loose, then go to the library to research some rare diseases and have a nap. For lunch, wake up with some chili, the hotter the better, and check your teeth again. Then go to the local flower shop and admire their floral designs. You can even buy some flowers to bring home and make your own floral arrangement adding some of your household items to it to liven it up and make it your own. Finish the day with a piece of delicious chocolate souffle. It's soft enough your teeth should make it through without falling out. The Tooth Fairy thanks you for the vacation.

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