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February 22, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Margarita Day – I'm not sure who invented these drinks or when but I know they've been around for a while. They are tasty, but dangerous.

Woolworth's Day – On this day in 1879, Frank Winfield Woolworth opened the first Woolworth's store, pledging to sell nothing that cost more than a nickel. They expanded to 1000 stores in their peak but, sadly, finally closed their doors for good in 1997. I'm also pretty sure they raised their prices at some point.

International World Thinking Day – This is a Girl Scout celebration where girls all over the world honor their 'sisters' and strive to make life better for the poorest people in the world.

George Washington's Birthday – One of the father's of our country. Have a piece of cake for George today.

Walking The Dog Day – Well, if you own a dog, every day is walking the dog day, but make sure you give him an extra long one today. After all this winter weather, I'm sure he/she needs it.

Be Humble Day – If you have a job interview today, you'll have to take a pass on celebrating this day because today is a day to not talk about yourself and your own accomplishments. Today compliment others on what they accomplish and give them the opportunity to shine.

National Cook A Sweet Potato Day – Sweet potatoes are a nutritious, rich, powerhouse food. Here are a whole lot of recipes you might want to try in order to take advantage of this day.

Sadly, we cannot go to Woolworth's to celebrate today, but we can have a margarita and reminisce about the Woolworth's we used to go to when we were kids. While we're thinking, see if you can come up with some ways the Girl Scouts can combat poverty. Then take the dog for an extra long walk. It will need to be extra long because you will be stopping everyone you meet in order to ask about and celebrate their accomplishments. Finish up the day with sweet potatoes for dinner and birthday cake for dessert!

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