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February, 24, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Daytona 500 – Today's the big day for all of you car racing fans. I, for one, cannot think of anything more boring that watching cars go round and round in circles for miles and miles. But my grandmother was a fan while she was alive, a fact that astounded and amused me because I just don't see it as a grandmotherly thing to be into.

National Tortilla Chip Day – A very yummy snack that goes really well with salsa and car races. And it's gluten free! So I can eat all I want.

Celebration today is a no-brainer. Hop in your car, get on the highway and race the other cars around you while you eat tortilla chips. I suppose if you're not inclined to eat and drive, you could eat your tortilla chips while you watch the Daytona 500, but I prefer a more active celebration.

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