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February 27, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Inconvenience Yourself Day – Today is a day to go out of your way for someone else. All too often we go through our hectic lives rushing around here and there focused on what we need and we miss opportunities to make life easier for others. Maybe you can reach that box for someone at the grocery store who is shorter or stuck in one of those riding carts. You can certainly find an opportunity to hold the door open for someone, or pick up the quarter someone near you dropped and hand it back. The day is filled with possibilities. Seize as many of them as you can.

International Polar Bear Day – This is a day to focus on the dwindling habitat of the polar bears by doing what we can to conserve energy and reduce the emissions that cause global warming.

National Kahlua Day – If you're over 21, feel free to have a kahlua (that's coffee liqueur and rum if you're like me and didn't know.).

No Brainer Day – Don't work your brain too hard today. This is a day for doing things that don't require a lot of thought. Move on autopilot, do the little mindless things that we all have to do anyway and usually end up putting off such as folding laundry. See if you can convince your boss that this is a holiday that the whole company should celebrate. Your co-workers will thank you.

National Strawberry Day – Seeds on the outside, sweet juiciness on the inside, it's just a little bit of heaven in a bite-sized morsel.

To celebrate today, have a kahlua and some strawberries. What, you don't have any rum? Well, that's a no brainer, just go get some. Make sure you ride your bicycle instead of driving since you don't want to contribute to global warming today and take the opportunity to stop and help everyone you see. Maybe you can shovel someone's driveway or open their car doors for them (just make sure they are parked and not just stopped for a stop sign and be careful they are not armed because they might think you are trying to car jack them. You know, maybe you should just find another way to help them. Give them a push as they start to go again so they can use less gas. There you go, two birds with one stone.).

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