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February 18, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Battery Day – Alessandro Volta was born on this day in 1745. He was a professor of physics and he created the first battery in the year 1800.

Cow Milked While Flying In An Airplane Day – On this day in 1930, Elm Farm Ollie became the first cow to travel by airplane. In the midst of that flight, she was milked by Elsworth W. Bunce so that scientists could observe the effects of air travel on animals. And also so that they could say she was the first cow (and possibly the only cow) to be milked midair. Her milk was sealed in paper cartons and parachuted down to spectators.

Pluto Day – On this day, also in 1930 (busy day), the planet Pluto was discovered by Clyde W. Tombaugh. Of course, in 2006, it was downgraded to Dwarf Planet, but to most of us who were born before 2000, it will always be a planet.

President's Day – A day to celebrate our past Presidents. We've had some good ones and some not so good ones and a bunch in between.

National Drink Wine Day – Today is a day to celebrate all kinds of wine. While I would not recommend celebrating all day long or attempting to drink every kind of wine there is because tomorrow is a work day, you can certainly celebrate by trying a glass or two. Please be safe and do not drink and drive.

To celebrate these holidays, have a glass of milk in honor of Elm Farm Ollie and hope that the cow it came from is grateful it is on firm ground. Then you can use something that requires batteries and wonder what Professor Volta would think if he saw how small they are these days. Then you can finish up this evening by drinking a glass of wine while you admire the night sky and see if you can find Pluto. It's pretty small so you might not be able to, so when you give up on that, try to see if you can find all of the President's faces in the stars. Start with Washington and don't cheat.

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