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February 6, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Digital Learning Day – A day to celebrate teachers and the effective utilization of technological resources in the classroom. Any day that celebrates teachers is a good day!

National Girls & Women In Sports Day – Women can be amazing athletes if they are given the chance. All too often in history, women were not allowed to compete in anything but a pie bake off. Things are different now, thank goodness.

Lame Duck Day – the elected official who is nearing the end of his/her term is considered a lame duck. This is a day to reflect upon the contributions of this duck, I mean person, to society at large before they go off to obscurity.

To celebrate today, use your computer to learn something new or ask your child's teacher if there is anything you can do to help them today, then if you are female, find a sport that you enjoy and join a team. If you are male, encourage the females in your life to join a team and support them any way you can. Finally, find out if there are any lame ducks in your local, state or federal government and send them a nice letter thanking them for their service.

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