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February 5, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Pancake Day (IHOP) – This is an IHOP holiday where guests can receive a free short stack of pancakes in exchange for a donation to a charity that is designated by the restaurant.

National Weatherman's (Weatherperson's) Day – This day recognizes the contributions of meteorologists all over the country who work hard to make sure we are not caught unawares when bad weather strikes.

Western Monarch Day – Established by the California state legislature in 2004, this day celebrates the return of the Monarch butterfly to the central coast of California to spend the winter.

World Nutella Day – A chocolate and hazelnut spread, you can put this stuff on almost anything and it will taste good, or so I'm told. I've never tried it myself.

African American Coaches Day – A day that is always celebrated on the first Tuesday in February, it's a day to bring attention to the African American Community and the benefits of working with a coach, whether it's for personal or business interests. And just for a little clarification, this does not necessarily have anything to do with sports.

National Chocolate Fondue Day – A good number of us have a fondue pot stashed away somewhere. Dig it out today and make some fondue. You don't need to have a party as a reason, make some for your family or invite a neighbor or two. You don't need more than that, especially since the more people you have over, the more people you have to share your fondue with.

To celebrate today go on out to your local IHOP for breakfast, I'm afraid I won't be joining you since I seriously doubt they have gluten free pancakes. If I'm wrong, let me know. Then, contact your local radio or television station and thank the weatherperson there for all of their hard work. For lunch, invite your coach over for some bread spread with nutella and dipped in your chocolate fondue while you look out your windows to try to find some monarch butterflies. If you live in California, you might actually succeed with this.

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