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February 16, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Innovation Day – Today is a day to think outside the box. Be inventive, find creative solutions for everyday problems.

Kyoto Protocol Day – Countries that signed and ratified this protocol from the UN are required to limit or reduce their emissions of four greenhouse gases. It was adopted in 1997 and put into practice on this day in 2005. The US signed but did not ratify the protocol and Canada backed out in 2011.

Do A Grouch A Favor Day – It isn't usually too difficult to find a grouch around somewhere. Sometimes in your very own house. But since you all are generally very cheerful people, you might have to search one out. When you find one, do something nice for him/her and see if you can de-grouchify him/her and reduce the number of grouchy people out there by one...or two...or even more. Make it a mission today and we'll see how many times we can convert a frown to a smile.

National Almond Day – A snack that is filled with vitamin E, protein, fiber and magnesium, this nut can also help reduce cholesterol, contributing to maintaining a healthy heart. As with anything, however, moderation is the key. You can't eat a whole bag of these things at once because that would be way too many calories.

To celebrate today, first grab a bag of almonds and tuck it in your pocket because you will need it later. Next, put on a comfortable pair of sneakers and pump up the tires on your bicycle because you will not be creating any greenhouse gases today. Now you're on a mission. Ride your bike (or walk if you don't have a bike) around town making sure you stop to ask every person you see if they have any problems you can creatively solve for them. You will probably find that many of them are grouches, so make sure you don't allow anyone to run away from you unless they have a smile on their faces. Something you can ensure if you share your almonds with everyone after first making sure they are not allergic.

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