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February 26, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Personal Chef's Day – Once again, we have a disagreement as to when this day is celebrated. Some say today, some say it's on July 16. Whichever day it is, I think it would be heavenly to have someone come to my home and make dinner for me. Fortunately, whenever he can be home in time, my husband is my personal chef.

For Pete's Sake Day – An old expression used as a mild oath, I'm often guilty of saying it myself in a fit of annoyance. There is a lot of disagreement, but it seems to date back to somewhere around 1900 and “Pete” may be a shortened reference to St. Peter as in “For St. Peter's Sake, turn down that phonograph before you go deaf!”.

Levi Strauss Day – Born on this day in 1829 in Bavaria, Levi Strauss was the father of the jeans we all wear today. He came to this country in 1847 to work for his brother, then he branched out for himself in 1853 when he went west and began his own dry goods and clothing store. In the 1870's he began making heavy duty work pants which we now call jeans and I believe his company is still in operation today.

World Spay Day – Always on the last Tuesday in February, this is a day to get the word out there to spay or neuter your pets unless you plan on breeding him or her. Spaying and neutering keeps the cat and dog population from getting out of control resulting in mega quantities of feral cats and stray dogs running around in groups terrorizing the street gangs that are trying so hard to take over the cities.

National Pistachio Day – We already celebrated this back on January 26th but there are those who insist that it should be celebrated today instead. Pistachios are so good that I think they should be celebrated every day so go ahead and get some more.

Tell A Fairy Tale Day – When my kids were little, I used to read them fairy tales all the time. Now that they are bigger, I expect they will protest a little bit and tell me that they are too old for that, but I'll read to them anyway even if I have to sit on them to get them to listen.

To celebrate today, start the day by making an appointment with the vet to get your pet spayed or neutered, then throw on your favorite, comfy Levi's, open a bag of pistachio's and settle in to tell fairy tales to your kids, regardless of their ages. If you don't have any kids, you can always borrow mine. You can take your time since dinner will be prepared by your personal chef today, and for Pete's sake, make sure you replace your usual swear words with Pete's for the day.

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