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February 10, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Chinese New Year – The most important holiday of the year for the Chinese, we are saying goodbye to the Year of the Dragon and hello to the Year of the Snake.

Plimsoll Day – Samuel Plimsoll was born on this day in 1824 in Bristol, England. He was a British politician, but is mostly known for devising the Plimsoll Line. It's a line drawn on a ship that indicates the maximum load a ship can bear. Once it's loaded so that the line is at the water's edge, the ship is full.

World Marriage Day – Hold tight to your spouse because today is all about the sanctity of marriage and how important it is to the Church and to the world.

Man Day (Sunday before Valentine's) – I cannot find the origins of this day and I've found a few sites that proclaim it to be on June 15th. So I'm not sure it's real. But that doesn't matter, enjoy the day anyway, Gentlemen!

National Cream Cheese Brownie Day – Ok, I admit it. I'm drooling.

Umbrella Day – Parasols and umbrellas protect us from everything from sun to rain. Except for wind. I highly recommend you do not use your umbrella or parasol when it is windy.

You can celebrate today by going outside and wishing all the snakes in the area a Happy New Year. Make sure you yell loudly so they can all hear you. Then you can get your parasol (or umbrella if you're not the parasol type) go down to the shipyards and make sure they are marking the ships with the plimsoll line in the right spot. (Do they still do that?) Then get a good grip on your spouse so that he cannot grab your cream cheese brownie before you can eat it. Well, it is Man Day, I suppose you can share your brownie.

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