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February 11, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Be Electrific Day – Today we honor the birth of that great inventor, Thomas Alva Edison. Without whom, we would still be using candles. Well, probably not because someone else would have eventually invented lightbulbs so that it would be easier to work all night long and annoy your wife.

Pro Sports Wives Day – Wives play an important role in the personal and professional lives of professional athletes. Of course, husbands do as well so I wonder if there is a Pro Sports Husbands Day.

National Shut-In Visitation Day – It's important, especially in the wintertime, to remember to visit people who are, for a variety of reasons, unable to leave their homes. Make sure they are ok and just offer a little companionship. Many times shut-ins lead a very lonely existence and you have the power to make them a little less lonely.

Satisfied Staying Single Day – You don't need to have a significant other in order to lead a fulfilling life. Some people are perfectly happy to be single and that's certainly all right. You shouldn't feel like you're letting people down just because you're not looking for someone to spend Valentine's Day with.

White Shirt Day – This day honors the men and women sit down strikers at General Motors in 1937. They helped the United Auto Workers union become strong enough to be in a position to negotiate for the auto workers. The strike ended on this day in that same year. These are the rules of White Shirt Day: You must wear a white shirt; You must not allow your shirt to get dirtier than your boss's shirt; You must follow all safety and work rules. Sounds like fun!

Clean Out Your Computer Day – Always on the second Monday in February for reasons that escape me. It was started in 2000 by the Institute for Business Technology. It's going to be a big job so you better get started.

National Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day – You've heard the saying a hundred times, and you still are not listening. Don't make a big deal over a small thing. Unless it's happening in your new car, or on your new couch, or...

National Make A Friend Day – You can never have too many friends. So make a new one today. Who knows, maybe it will be a friendship that will last your whole life.

National Peppermint Patty Day – Refreshing, minty and not too high in calories or fat or so I hope since it's one of my favorite treats.

Well, today I've got your clothing situation figured out, you can thank me later. You will be wearing a white shirt today and since everything goes with white, it doesn't matter what else you have on. Then while you are eating breakfast with your children and they spill milk all over your presentation that you worked on for weeks, don't cry about it. Once you clean that mess up, you can spend a good part of the day cleaning out your computer, which you can see thanks to the lights you have which are thanks to Mr. Edison. When you take a break for lunch, seek out someone you don't know well and make a new friend by sharing some peppermint patties. If you are single and your friends are forever trying to hook you up with some loser, tell them to back off today since you are happy to be single. On your way home today, stop in to see a shut-in, to whom you can also share peppermint patties. Then you can finish up your day by watching a professional sporting event and spending your time trying to pick the wives out of the spectators.

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